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just to quickly continue on the hijack topic (maybe the mods can move these posts over to the children and poly thread?)... dh... have you considered having yourself and your wife sit down with at least your daughter (as she is doing the snooping) and being upfront about what is happening? Surely the honesty and trust you guys show her, the respect and confidence you show in her as a person would go a long way to helping her personally with everything. Yes I do realise this would open up another can of worms - but dealing with the truth is so much easier than dealing with the monsters our minds create - and our minds are sooo very good at creating monsters - particularly at that age. Obviously, this would of course depend on her maturity and emotional state overall, and as her father you would know whether this idea is a possibility... just interested in whether this is an option or whether everything is happening behind tightly closed doors...
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