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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Redpepper's husband is very into mushrooms. He is borowwing my truck to do some gathering this week and gave me my first taste of "chicken of the forest" or chanterelle mushrooms.
Maybe that's what they call them up in your neck of the woods, but the "chicken of the woods" is actually this:

"Hen of the woods" is this:

Chanterelles are something else:

They are all 3 different, but obviously Chicken of the woods is the same colour as Chanterelle (there are also many types of Chanterelles but that orange one is the most recognized) and has the same presentation profile as Hen of the woods.

I have found and eaten the Chant and the Hen, but I never tried the Chix. It was rainy here for the first part of the season, but now everything is dried up (bummer). RP says it's so raining where you are so I am happy for you's that there will be mushrooms.
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