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Might I suggest something too?

Many of us have blogs, check them out. TOGETHER.

Private message people on here who you get to know and feel comfortable with.

One of the keys to learning that SO MANY PEOPLE forget about, is companionship. We (as people) often learn well in groups. It takes the sense of isolation and "only I am struggling" out of learning. That's one of the reason gradeschool kids often like to go to school. FRIENDS.

It's hard to make the foray into a "new lifestyle" if you don't have FRIENDS in it.

So-you've both agreed, now isn't the time to actually open the relationship, GREAT! That means you are in agreement on something primal in all of this.

But, post, share, get to know people here, see if there are other poly-groups that you can go to nearby and meet people.

Make some friends, "learn the ropes" so to speak and then, as RP said, you can re-discuss possibilities later.

FYI-I think that you may find a friend in Sneacail. She's "poly at heart" but not in action as I recall.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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