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Originally Posted by Mahogany View Post

... my husband came clean about cheating on me with her (for 5 months before I found out). Before this we shared 4 monogamous years together.

Also, my husband does not feel comfortable with me exploring my end of the openness. He does not want me intimate with another man. He is not abusive or forceful about it, but he has simply communicated that he is not comfortable with it. Should I pursue another man anyway?
Originally Posted by Mahogany View Post
Hello All!!!

I am Mahogany's husband..... As long as I have had an interest in women, there has always been two. My main woman (in this case my wife) and the other woman (GF). Through out life my GF alway knew about my main woman but never the other way around....

Mr. M
Hi Mahogony and Mr M.

I see a discrepancy in your first posts. Wife says they've had 4 years of monogamy, husband admits there have "always been two" women in his life since he became sexually mature. So, this current mistress is just the latest in a string of women.

Mr M may be naturally poly, and didnt feel he had a way to practice it, so went the common way of cheating. However strong the drive for multiple relationships is, cheating on your spouse, especially when you have young children, is a huge breach of trust. Your wife has a ton on her plate, raising twin babies and also holding down a full time (?) job.

I work with mothers and young babies (as a lactation specialist) and have had lots of experience with parents of twins. How much free time does Mr M have to do his share of childcare and housework, work at a job, and still have time for another sexual relationship? Where are his priorities?

Mr M, it seems you've been playing up the sister wives idea with M. Your OW is "warm and nurturing." She'd be good with the kids, I guess you're saying. My question is, how nurturing can she be if she was willing to carry on a clandestine relationship with a man whose wife just gave birth to two babies at once? I, for one, would never trust this women around my children.

As for the other quote I included, I never can support the "one penis principle." M taking another lover for now, might be the last thing on her mind, but it's hypocritical to think Mr M can have 2 women to love and have sex with, but M can only have Mr M. Ridiculous!
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