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Thanks for responding Rita's husband... would you please get yourself an account? It just makes it far less complicated when responding and talking to people on here... much appreciated and thanks

What stuck out for me was the spontaneity stuff too. I think that working on your core relationship and getting a good foundation would benefit. It sounds like Rita is missing some fun in her relationship life and that would lead to jealousy... not an uncommon thing... that is what usually comes up as much as not having the same amount of time as before...

So, why not plan some fun stuff for the summer together... and Rita's husband; why not surprise her with some fun dates...

When the fall comes, if you have got some good times under your belt and feel bonded and connected again... and know what is important to you about each other, maybe you can talk about it again. Take a sabbatical from poly so to speak.

I also suggest that you both add in there doing some reading together... on here, other sites. There is a lot to know... a foundation is so important... if you do a tag search for "lessons" or "foundations" you will find some good threads on this stuff.
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