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Default Coming Out - Who to tell...How not to tell...

I am in a fledgling relationship with a couple. We are falling in love hard and fast. The hard thing is that we all live in the same area. Pat goes to the same institution as me, where I work in an upper administration office. We attend university events together, and meet at the library. I want so badly to express myself in public, how happy I am, how in love I am, to hold hands, and put our arms around one another. Though this CANNOT happen. I am in a very public position in the school, and I work closely with a very broad section of the student body. I am also not "out" as poly. The only people that know I am poly are my mom, my fiance, and my two best friends. It feels terrible being out in public and not being able to express myself with them. It hurts that I can;t share my true source of my recent happiness with co-workers, friends, and classmates due to fears of being judged.

I guess my question is, how do you decide to come out. Have you come out? What are your experiences with coming out? Who do you come out to? What are the repercussions?

Ok...that's a lot of questions, but I would love some feedback on this.

Thanks so much!!!

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