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Default My Tone

Hi, this is Rita's hubby Rob.

Just wanted to clarify some things in defense.

1. I am not asking Rita to engage in any actual poly activity, only to learn more about it as I believe the jump into it was premature and done without enough research to begin with.

2. It was Rita who convinced me to try poly, and it was I who stopped it when I felt it was hurting her too much.

3. I would not even consider entering into poly again unless I saw convincing evidence Rita was ready. Evidence including signs I would see, that she does not know about, that would leave little doubt. (discussed those signs with counselors and friends, all agree that they would be unmistakable). And *she* would have to initiate.

Having said those things, the only danger Rita is in in researching poly and gaining a better understanding of it would be knowledge, which I did not think was a lot for me to ask her to risk.
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