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Probably yes, I would like him to have his own "distraction" prior to me dating again. He gets to feeling like he will never find someone or that we began this poly part of our relationship and I'm the only one actually being poly. I love him but isn't that just like a great big pity party?? He gets ridiculously happy when other women are interested in him....he just can't focus on them if i'm also dating.....???

Maybe I am looking for some evidence that he actually wants to pursue this relationship choice. I would be fine if he said he didn't want to date's the apparent facade I have a problem with. And the use of his not having a relationship to deter me from dating. If he said he didn't want me to date anyone I would actually be fine with it...we did 7 years without it. He seems very happy about the idea that he is finally free to be who he 'is'...poly....just not actively seeking another relationship. And I would even be fine if he said that he wasn't interested right now in looking for another woman but to say that he can't focus on it while I am dating anyone puts me in a difficult position.

So really I guess I just want him to make some choices and no matter what I say he remains vague...
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