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Well, my story about poly is an abrupt change. However I came from non-monogamy.

Polyamory was a giant kick in the teeth for me. The realization I could love 2 people really was a lot of work for me. In the process of realizing the woman I loved would never love me. It was a double whammy. It was a very abrupt, one day I was screwing her with my wife, the next day I realized I loved her, and the day after that I realized that really kind of sucked.

I think its related to my trait of remaining blind to some things. I am not a ... lovey dovey person outside of those in my circle. (small circle too) so I may not have recognized the possibility of it because I just didn't believe it. Ironic for a man who was surrounded by hippies most of his life... I just thought they were all full of shit (sorry my dear wife)...

Now I am in a position to love more than one person and I am comfortable and confident in that love.
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