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Default Hi hi hi there...

I suppose I should say a few words about myself...
I'm vegan, animals and their rights are quite a major part of my life, and I try to be as ethical and earth friendly as I possibly can in everything that I do. I'm also pagan, which should go and in hand with the above... I still don't understand how "harm none" can mean "harm none but you can kill animals and eat them"... ?
I'm from Yorkshire, which makes me a skinflint, and my family is from Glasgow, which makes me more of a skinflint.
I'm in a polyamorous relationship with a wonderful boy and a wonderful girl, and we have a wonderful daughter who I magicked into this world about eight months ago, after 22 hours of horrendous labour. And I believe that it IS a mother's right to breastfeed, no matter where the hell she is.
I'm also an anarcho communist, so don't get me started on that!

I play guitar, write, read, draw, listen to 80's goth, punk, ska, blues and allsorts.. Not the liquorice kind though, I don't like liquorice.

I DO like Nick Cave.
A lot.

Also I have two cats who I love very much. Called Muttface and Dogmeat.
Well actually they're called Tom and Molly because we rescued them, but if WE had named them, that's what they would be called.

Don't feed the Yao Guai; that is all.
You weren't much of a muse, but then, I wasn't much of a poet...
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