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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
If you are not breastfeeding at the moment, I'd recommend seeking out a psychiatrist and starting out on mild anti-anxiety medication, such as SSRIs. To focus on therapy and the healing process, you need some sort of mental focus, which the meds will help you achieve. Also, it's practically impossible to get hooked on that stuff.
I have to disagree with the idea of taking drugs to deal with perfectly natural emotions. Everything Mahogany is feeling is normal. As for it being impossible to get hooked on SSRIs, visit which supports thousands of people struggling and suffering in the effort to get off them, myself included. Just not worth the risk, especially now that studies are showing them to be no better than placebo.

My heart goes out to you, Mahogany. I've been there and it was indescribably painful. In my case I did come to accept my husband's relationship after months and months of talking, crying and looking into my own heart. At times it did seem completely impossible. You're the only one that is going to be able to decide if and how this can work, and it will probably take a lot of time and inner work to come to the right decision. Best of luck to you.
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