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So an interesting development,

The fiancee went home this past weekend 1. to visit with is mom because his grandfather (her dad) past away and we weren't able to to afford to fly to St. Vincent to be at the funeral. and 2. to work on music with "R".

Apparently while on the road his mother called him. She felt something was up with him and this new girl and wasn't happy about it. ( I should point out she is very old school and religious, she kinda freaked when we announced we were moving in together and not getting married right away). They had a serious argument with her insisting we should just go up to the court house (at her expense) and get married.

Needless to say he didn't take that too well. Now I wouldn't be offended if he turned around and said he wanted to go to the court house and get married next month, but I'm not the kind of person to force someone into something they don't feel ready to do.

So with all of that, he and I had a serious discussion. I've laid it all out, how I feel what I want and what I need. He's started reading up on Poly relationships and I hope he starts visiting a forum like this one and begins asking questions. He says he's starting to see where I'm coming from and has promised to try to fix the mistakes he's made. We're communicating more we're gonna start spending time together again.

I still think (and hope) this is just a crush and once we spend time together he'll realize what he was missing and we can get back to it. I still don't know if I can be in a poly relationship...I still need time to figure this all out. I just hope this all works out.
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