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Good morning Rp just got done replying to you on another thread

passive aggressive NO aggressive aggressive. Nothing passive about it. This has been simmering for 3-4 weeks now. I have approached each of them numerous times to try to ascertain the problem. About a week ago I even suggested they go see a therapist if they couldn't find a way to civil to one another. Neither wanted to do that. We were in public meeting another family for dinner and I didn't want any of their bullshit spilling over into it. And ya I'm really getting sick of this constant back biting.

I'm use to the kids fighting or having disagreements....I pretty much stay out unless blood drawn...or somebody's way over the line. This started out the the same way.

I had no specific plan in mind when I said I'd handle it but I'm sure they both thought I was talking about the therapist. Either way the bullshit stop for an hour or so.

Rp I agree with most of what you are saying however the situation I see could be about 13yr has been repeatedly lied to and addition she may have discovered a "horrible" secret about her mother. The secret if told also would effect her dad and brother. This creates a communcations log jam.

Of course this is speculation on my part but from the time line and bitterness of my daughter....snooping around ....the additional affection towards me from my daughter have pointed down this path.

Thanks for your comments D