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Jen and I had another good talk tonight... I think a lot of my problems stem from the fact that I keep trying to be everything to her. I know it's not possible to be everything to one person, no matter how hard you try. I can rationalize that. However, my brain keeps telling me that I need to try and do everything. I obviously can't be a second person viewing her as the sexy goddess that she is....

So, how can I let go of having to be everything on my own, and let somebody else do the work for me? Like Jen said tonight, letting go of that struggle, would in and of itself, let me be everything to her. By accepting who she is, in entirety, I would once again reach that everything, even if I can't make that happen on my own.

That right there is some deep physchological stuff. I'll have to digest this more tomorrow, but I think it's a healthy step in the process. I've discovered there are so many steps in it all... I think I've overcome about 10 or 15 so far, and this has been in a short few weeks.
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