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I'm Alex. I'm a rapper. My Rap Name is Alex.

I've been polyamorous for 5+ years.

After 31+ years of devotion to the world of monogamy and 4+ years of self imposed celibacy I met a woman who shook the very foundation of my life. She was a polyamorous, Unitarian Universalist, activist. I was a very monogamous, Atheist writer (writing about what seemed wrong in the world but never doing much about it beyond writing).

We fell in love. After a very intense year of a mono/poly hybrid relationship I decided I would try to "be polyamorous". After two very frustrating years of being polyamorous in theory, with one girlfriend that I absolutely adored, and many, many female friends who seemed to be of the attitude "You're AWESOME!... but... THAT'S WEIRD!" I experienced my own little polyamory success stories.

A woman that I had had a crush on since the day I "became poly" decided to give it a go with me. And we tried turning my house into an intentional community at the same time. There were to be four of us living happily every after. And then it imploded fantastically in a cataclysmic supernova of cosmic proportions that we were lucky to get out of with no one getting killed.

Single now.

I have been out pretty much the whole time I've been Poly. I have blogged about it. Written books about it. I'm in a band and have mentioned it in various songs. And am still constantly surprised by how many of my close friends will come up to me and say "You're poly? I never knew that."

But I am. Feel like I've learned it the hard way, but I can't really imagine being otherwise anymore.

A polyamorous, Unitarian Universalist/Atheist, activist writer/rapper playin in a rock n roll band.

the beginning
me n the band, singin our song
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