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Originally Posted by Mahogany View Post
Hello All!!!

I am Mahogany's husband..... As long as I have had an interest in women, there has always been two. My main woman (in this case my wife) and the other woman (GF). Through out life my GF alway knew about my main woman but never the other way around....

Mr. M
Welcome to the forum Mr. M,

Hats off to coming onboard and sharing with us all. You've taken some heat already and I am right up there with people gravely concerned. I have a "damsel in distress" complex that makes me protective of people who often don't need any at all.

There is a common theme of people feeling trapped and without answers as to what to do. I have my own trap just and you and your wife have yours. I hope you find the guidance and internal answers you are looking for. There are a lot of very wise people on here. Take what all of us say with a grain of salt, and prepare to be challenged..but you should not feel attacked...although perhaps you already do.

Regardless, welcome and I look forward to reading more of your journey. Hopefully you will all find what you need to be happy, healthy and anything but numb

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