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Default Oh, look. A lurker!

CyberPatrol Officer drags a young woman into the forum and frowns at her.The young lady looks around at the forum residents and gulps.

CyberPatrol Officer: Time to tell them what you did.
Me: Okay, okay! Here goes...

I'm ArgentLuna. I've got a sort of... secret to admit. I've been lurking here for half a year. LOL. I kind of figured it was time to, uh, say... hello. So... hello.

CyberPatrol Officer: Sure, good. Now introduce yourself and I'll let you get away without a ticket for lurking!
Me: Okay, sir. I'm introducing, I'm introducing!

I'm a single, bisexual (or maybe pansexual? That one's up in the air ATM) female. I'm bilingual, and grew up on the West Coast (...of America). I'm pretty sure I'm polyamorous... no experience to speak of, though. I've only had one boyfriend, which didn't work out. I'm not looking actively for a partner(s) right now - sadly, I'm just too busy at uni. I won't complain if someone (or someones) runs into me, though... LOL.

How shall I sum up my worldview? Hmm.

I believe that everyone has the right to decide how they want to live (be it mono, poly, straight, bi, pan, etc...). It's not easy to discuss such matters where I live, so I'm really looking forward to reading and participating in the discussions here, which I've found to be quite enlightening.

Me: Satisfied, sir?
CyberPatrol Officer: Quite. Have a good day.
Me: ... Thanks.

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