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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
I'm glad your experience has been more positive than mine. I have learned to ask the question about whether clothing is really optional. Most of the campgrounds, resorts, etc. that I've talked to do have a genuine "optional" policy, but it's the other guests who try to apply the peer pressure. For some people, being in a c/o place somehow gives them the idea they get a vote in what I do. And a couple of them have gotten downright aggressive and ugly about it. I remember one guy in particular who needed to have my Hubby (the retired combat Marine) come over and explain to him in very simple and specific terms what was going to happen if he (the guy) didn't go away, right away.

If I ever face that situation again, I'll know to get management involved as soon as the exchange takes a negative turn, and let them deal with it. But honestly, it's pretty well soured me on the c/o scene.
Yes, that's unfortunate. One reason we started going to privately owned / supervised places is because a lot of the "free" places have problems with, how we say, "boundaries". But I am dismayed by your experience that way with other GUESTS at those private venues. They are doing a disservice to the whole c/o community by pressuring other patrons - STRANGERS, no less. People do tend to me more open and approachable at c/o venues because there is that one common "rogue" factor, but no one has the right to make someone else feel uncomfortable.

This brings up a story I would like to share from when we first started going to Abbott's Glen. They have only been open since 2005, and we have been one of their longest running and most regular customers (summertime anyway, and we only went there twice this summer, but this year there are circumstances).

Anyway, like the first summer we camped there, there was this young single guy who was also camping, and he was there almost every other weekend we were there (we went just about every weekend). He kept to himself for the most part, and would ride around the property on his mountain bike. But, long story short, he started following us around when we went off the property (with clothes on, of course) to the grocery store, the flea market, etc. At first I thought it was my imagination and/or that I was partly to blame for not saying "Hi" when I saw him, but he was doing it in a really creepy way, like as if he was trying to avoid being seen. It's hard to describe but I'll give you one example:

I was in the store looking for some fake beer, and I was having a hard time finding it. I'm standing there staring into the cooler, and I hear a shopping cart roll up behind me and stop for a few moments, but I just thought it was someone also looking for a certain type of beer. So the person with the cart continues on after a minute or so, and soon I found the item I wanted, then I look down the aisle and recognized the guy from the campground (he had distinctive tattoos). He basically stood behind me and breathed down my neck for like a minute or two and didn't say anything to me (I am also very distinctive looking so it wasn't like he didn't know who I was). There were a few more episodes like that over the course of the summer, but we didn't say anything to the owners because the guy hadn't actually DONE anything, and everything that had did happen didn't even do so on their property. One day, we made a remark after breakfast that we were going to <Town> but if C shows up tell him we went to <Other Town>. Later the owners took my husband aside and asked what that was all about. Turns out, that guy C had been following other couples around in the same manner. The owner had a talk with him and subsequently had to ban him from coming back.

The creepy part about this is that C was young, good-looking, and had a really NICE ass. I was more creeped out by the fact that I was attracted to him than by the things he did.

The good news is that now we tell the owners about ANYTHING that doesn't seem right because they can't be everywhere all the time and they rely on their loyal customers (now friends) to help them improve and sustain their business. Whenever I go there, I try to help in some way by sweeping out the sauna or stacking firewood or cleaning the kitchen and making coffee early in the morning (and she usually gives us breakfast on the house - it's included when you rent a room but for campers it's $15.00 per person extra).

So the moral of the story is that any special-interest community is going to have Debbie-Downers in it from time to time. Don't even get me started on swingers within the nudist scene!
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