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I hope this reply doesn't upset you....but I am struggling with the man I love. I am monogamous....and I crave the monogamy back. I am so angry and bitter about this whole situation we are in.

I don't know if you gave him monogamy in the beginning and now that he is in love with you, you have switched it all up....or did he know from the beginning? How much choice did he have in whether or not be in this situation?

The pain I feel associated to my love loving and wanting another person cuts deep At times I even feel I am dying slowly....

For me, it is sad to say. But TODAY I believe my only happiness lies in leaving my husband

I wish I didn't love him sometimes, that way I won't ever have to feel this pain or see her (his gf) again

The only thing that has made this bearable is that my husband constantly shows me and reminds me how much he loves me. Also we have set boundaries that I can live with (simply put, they can only do certain things).

Establish boundaries.....and be patient. Allow him to talk, talk and talk, and you return the favor. He is probably going to have bad days and good day. He is riding a roller coaster I know all too well and right now (no disrespect to anyone) but a ride I would not wish on my worst enemy
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