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Hello All!!!

I am Mahogany's husband..... As long as I have had an interest in women, there has always been two. My main woman (in this case my wife) and the other woman (GF). Through out life my GF alway knew about my main woman but never the other way around....

About a month and a half ago I realized I didn't want it that way anymore because it's unfair for my wife to be left in the dark... I sat her down and told her there has been someone else for a while.... I have never felt guilty about having two in my life, but I feel guilty for her (Wife) not having a choice in the matter.... I understand what I'm asking my wife to accept is very difficult. I don't know what Poly is or what classifies you as Poly.... I don't know if what I'm asking of her is right or if what I want is right.... but it doesn't feel wrong to me in the less bit, am I wrong or just crazy

My wife and GF are so much alike in so many ways yet so different but both of them bring me joy.... I feel if they can become friends and get to know each other this can work and be a wonderful thing for all three of us... I know my GF came into our relationship with an understanding that it would never be just me and her, so she is more acceptable to this then my wife is.... I know my wife is going to look at my GF with hate in her eyes and talk to her with venom on her tongue, it's expected.... I don't know how long it takes for my wife to heal, not become numb, for this to really work but I'm willing to wait/work it out till it becomes great like the way I envision it.... My wife is more of the career and goal driven type... and I love that about her. My GF more like the nurture and cook/cleaning type... and I love that about her.... I'm not saying neither one can't be the other, but if they tried to switch position it would be more forced (I hope y'all understand that part)... So I ask you, the people, for help and advise... to help her... to help me.. and to help us three to grow as one.. Thank you

Mr. M
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