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Default The Other Point of View to No longer feeling good

Yes Redpepper,

He actually plans to post this evening. I am really looking forward to all your replies to his post...NOT because I expect you to attack him....but because I genuinely love him and want to protect our love/connection. If we are doing something wrong, we need to know and we need to fix it. Is it me? Do I need to suck-it-up and go numb, hoping that in the future it will all be ok....that I will grow to be happy in this "cage"?

I trust you all because you seem so sincere here. You all also are experiencing things that fall under the same realm as our issues do.....and we know no one else we can talk to that would really understand.

I only want happiness with my husband, but it seems I am incapable of sharing him and being happy/whole in the process

He will post here this evening.....letting you all know where to read he's you get the other side of this situation.

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