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I'm glad your experience has been more positive than mine. I have learned to ask the question about whether clothing is really optional. Most of the campgrounds, resorts, etc. that I've talked to do have a genuine "optional" policy, but it's the other guests who try to apply the peer pressure. For some people, being in a c/o place somehow gives them the idea they get a vote in what I do. And a couple of them have gotten downright aggressive and ugly about it. I remember one guy in particular who needed to have my Hubby (the retired combat Marine) come over and explain to him in very simple and specific terms what was going to happen if he (the guy) didn't go away, right away.

If I ever face that situation again, I'll know to get management involved as soon as the exchange takes a negative turn, and let them deal with it. But honestly, it's pretty well soured me on the c/o scene.
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