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Everyone reacts to NRE differently and the times for the NRE to subside and the initial WOW feeling to wear off varies with individuals.

If you are having nervous feelings about this, maybe you could try a big group meeting with those that you will be moving in with. Call it practice for when you are all sharing living quarters. But have that meeting not only to connect with one another but also to air those feelings you have with moving in with them.

How they handle and relate to your feelings of anxiety will tell you what you can expect when you are living with them and other conflicts arrise. ...and trust me, they will arrise.

For me, experience tells me to wait a year out of principal for NRE to abate and then start the planning of the more life changing things. Everyone says "6 months for NRE" however I think that after a year the chemical blinders of NRE have faded and this allows us to see the potential interpersonal conflicts with more objectivity and sensitivity to all involved.

but this is just my humble opinion, with that and what is in my pocket I might be able to buy a beer at a local pub

otherwise, have fun, it sounds like you are on to a really good thing!
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