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Thanks Sage

no reason to be sorry at all. Originally my problem was the time, attention, "dates" were being done out of a sense of fairness or obligation. My natural reaction was thank you but no thank you. After doing lots of reading and asking lots of questions this phenomenon is not that unusual. And its general cause is NRE.

I guess the reason for my thread was a reaction to my situation as someone that's not seeing the rainbow.....I can see how you didn't see a polymono component.

My kids are younger ..... daughter is 13 and the oldest and going through her own change.... I personally think that her having to deal with her mothers sexuality or marriage concepts at this exact time is unfair and irresponsible.

How young are Z's children ? What are their gender(s)? do you think gender makes a difference? It sounds like you are divorced...did the poly conversation with your kids happen as a result before or as a matter of fact after?

Thanks D