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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
In fact, my main objection to most of the clothing optional places we've been is that clothing isn't really optional . A better description in many cases would be "nudity required". I get so tired and frustrated with the peer pressure to get naked, without any regard for my particular situation. It's perfectly okay with me if everyone else makes the wardrobe choice that's best for them, but I for DAM SURE reserve the same right for myself, and don't see that it's anyone else's business, you know?

That is not right. Although I have never seen that happen first-hand, I have heard about it from other people besides yourself. The places I have recommended are true clothing OPTIONAL ones.

Having said that, there ARE some resorts that are NOT c/o, they are NUDE. As long as the weather is above a certain temperature, these places require that everyone be nude when in the common areas of the facility. The exception is that menstruating women may wear shorts or bathing-suit bottoms but must still remain topless.

I say, if you prefer "optional", then ask this specific question when you first make contact with the place.

I take issue when there is some other agenda afoot besides simple recreational, "naturist" nudity. Some of these places have a sex-ish subculture going on, although the one place like that that I've been to got really bad internet publicity about it and went out of business shortly thereafter.

When someone walk up to you and says "Do you party?" what do you think they mean?

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