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Ok, so I was reading that link, which led me to these:

I hadn't thought about making it a requirement for three weeks and thereby causing a self-supporting habit. I kinda just thought that because it didn't happen, it wasn't for us. I'm pretty sure some karezza could very well save my relationship, as well as my sanity. We both have been slowly drifting apart from one another, and it has been causing lots of tension in other areas of life as well. I think we need this.

Thanks for the link and the repeated insistence on reading it. Once I finally got off my ass and read it, everything started to make sense. I can even feel some of my internal stress about the situation fading just from reading it and knowing there's an easy way to deal with it. I think my anxiety in my relationship, and thus the majority of my fear and jealousy, can be resolved with some karezza. It's good to know one can generate security with some simple mindfulness.

@ckn46 - I'm a computer programmer by hobby, but my math skills are rusty (I've forgotten everything I learned since Algebra 2, and large parts of anything I learned before then). What does your revised equation represent? (Yeah, I read XKCD too -- but the math jokes are mostly over my head.) Your equation reads, to my programmer's mind, almost like trying to set the value of a function to the array index [love], but it's missing the array's name, and in general is impossible. :P
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