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I think because of the fact that I won't be there for the act (I work on swings, J on mids), it won't have as big of an impact. Still though, after we reasses, and if I choose to move on, I'd want to see it. That way I can understand everything about it, what it does for Jen, and indirectly what it can do for me.

I've been trying to talk to J more as well. Jen and I have superlative communication, but it's harder to talk between two guys. So, I think if we keep on talking between each other, it'll help me to realize that it's a good thing.

As far as the splitting up thing, Jen and I are one and the same on that front. If it does come to her having suppress that part of her, I would feel very guilty about it. We'd definitely both have a lot to work out, but we would work on it like we always have; together. She truly is the most important thing in my life, and I'm glad she feels the same. After all, if she wasn't this important to me, I wouldn't have been able to open up what we have together, no way no how.

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