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Default Why poly families rock

Friday at 4pm Spicy Pea went into labor.
at 2am she sent GG to wake up mom and dad to help her.
At 3am we drove her to town to see the midwife.

*Mimi came with us, but GG stayed with the other kids at home.*

But, she was only dilated to 3 even though her contractions were hard and heavy and 3-4 minutes apart.

So, at 6am (already done 14 hours of labor) they gave her an Ambien (sleeping pill) and sent us to her grandparents (they live in town). She didn't get any rest and at 2 we ended up at the hospital.

GG had to work at 9am til noon, so my mom stayed with the kids. She baked Sweetpeas bday cake, helped the kids knock out their chores and kept them all busy and entertained.

*2pm was ALSO SweetPea's birthday party. So GG managed to run a bday party for the 11 year old with all his friends, alone.*

Spicy Pea suffered through labor and delivery for hours. In the early evening Maca's lady friend who works at the hospital bought Maca, Mimi and I food (we were starving). (We snuck contraband food back to Spicy Pea as well).

At 1:30am they finally gave up, wheeled Spicy back to do a C-section. She'd been flat screaming with no pause for well over 4 hours, primarily "mommy, please just make it stop I can't do it, I tried." Between cuss words.

Maca went with her, this mommy took her phone and went to the front lobby of the hospital, hit her knees, burst into tears and called GG. Who had already gotten kids to bed and settled in to bed himself. But he woke up to take care of this mommy by phone and get me calmed down.

After half hour or so I was calmed down, got it all out of my system and knowing that GG still had the home fort under control, I returned to Maca to deal. It was a daunting task, my girl could still be heard screaming because they couldn't get her numb. At 2:05am they finally just knocked her out and delivered the baby with her unconscious.

So-everyone is ok, the little kids had a nice weekend in spite of us old people having a daunting task with Spicy.


Because our poly family dynamic allowed them to keep their plans and stay in a "normal" setting and activities for the weekend even with mom and dad gone.

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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