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Originally Posted by SimpleSimian View Post
It's funny how so many of us in modern culture have trouble understanding that. I mean, I have some pretty archaic bullshit programmed into me. I need to let go of it and get to where you are. Acceptance = love looks like a beautiful equation, I just wish I didn't have so many preconceived notions and lies and bullshit and negative emotions and insecurity in the way.

I only hope I learn this before I end up being trapped in, and causing, a life full of unfulfillment and regret.
thanks, I am tempted to refine it to something like:
acceptance(1) = [love] but that is the XKCD fan in me bothering over the math.

I also agree that once we get over our cultural conditioning then whatever we can dream and visualize is our limitation.

I was having a conversation today with someone more ore less about preconceived states and their cause from historical events. I think that once we let go of the past we no longer apply it to the future.
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