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Default What does a mono husband do about his daughter's discovery of her mothers poly?

I guess I to would be considered a struggling mono for now. I've posted some questions and made comments on other threads so my story is around in here.

@Sage- I'm not sure if you and I have directly communicated or not forgive me if we have. How long have you been in this type of relationship? how long before finding this site? Is or was your husband a member of this site? Do you have children with your husband? If so how old? How much do they know?

My current problem is the horrible relationship dynamic that my wife and daughter currently have. Its becoming unbearable for me and my son. Last night at restaurant I told both of them to fix the problem or I would come up with a solution no one was going to like. If you need background you can check out "Primary status rejected" in New To page.

Thanks D

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