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Default Marriage not working out? Lets try poly!

This was written on a blog recently and I thought it was an interesting thing to talk about. "How many couples fall into this (poly) because of dissatisfaction. Their core relationship is sucking wind, but instead of breaking ties they open up. Does this work, sure, sometimes, it fulfills them, but most times it doesn't. Its a patchwork house looking to explode at the first storm because the base isn't strong. Its like watching a trainwreck... we can all hope and dream, but this is a shaky foundation to get your start in non-monogamy... I once used jenga as an example of how healthy non-monogamy should work. If the base isn't built right the whole house will come down."

I have always thought a good foundation is the key to successful poly relationships. But I can see how it would be easy to just open a marriage up rather than deal with the fact that its not going well and perhaps ending... its almost a nail in the coffin of a relationship I would think.

Does poly ever work to cure a unhappy marriage... or does it create more strife? Does it create an opportunity to look at things with new eyes because new love enters the arena?
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