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Originally Posted by Beodude123 View Post
I can draw a lot of parallels with Mono. Granted, I'm the primary in it all, whereas he is the secondary (tertiary...whatever? hahahaha), but a lot of the feelings are the same.
The feelings are indeed the same... just so you know though, Mono is not a secondary to me... he subsrcibes to that point of view as a way of accepting his position in out relationship dynamic, but to me it is not like that. I have many loves and they are all equal it terms of value and position within my heart. The only difference is time I can spend with them and their own position in their own lives. That's it. Mono and I spend the same if not more time together than PN and I actually. I would not put anyone over anyone else any more. To me that is a way to start out a poly relationship dynamic, but not a good way to continue. Just saying.
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