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I've just been reading a bit lately, trying to figure out everything between Jen and I, as far as poly goes. From the few posts I've read today, I can draw a lot of parallels with Mono. Granted, I'm the primary in it all, whereas he is the secondary (tertiary...whatever? hahahaha), but a lot of the feelings are the same.

I'm trying to stay positive in all of this, with the most important person in my life asking to open what we have to another. It's not easy to be asked that, even if they are a good friend. I've always loved Jen for everything she is, everything she is not... Never did I know that it would include opening our marriage to another man.

All we can ever do is grow together, as closely as we can. What we have hasn't changed with the inclusion of another, it has grown. All I can do is hang on to the positives, and work around my fears, just as Mono does.

I'll be watching you Mono! I find some inspiration in your posts, knowing that how I feel is completely normal. It's comforting that my feelings of insecurity, fear, and potential loss aren't odd. While they aren't always there, they creep up and go, depending on the day.
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