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I'll stick to my name on here in sharing (feel free to shorten the 'nickname' I'm not bothered!) as I'm not really out to public (coworkers/friends) - I haven't found many people I could be friends with that would accept this level of different-ness. I'll try to be brief in this "summary"... I tend to be verbose in most things. Feel free to message me if you have questions about anything!

I'm female, 27 and I live in Texas, with one of my sweeties, "C". My other, "F" lives overseas in a lovely european country. I've known the latter for a little bit longer, both of us having met the former together. All told, I think the triad relationship has been going on solid for about 8 years now.

I think of myself as bi, although I've not had any relationships with another female yet. C is mostly straight, but takes exception for F, mostly on an emotional level and loves him to pieces, though will go into physical now and again (when F is here!). F is mostly gay, and takes exception for me, and our relationship is strong and has lasted long distance with brief visits for years now, which is amazing even to me.

Currently F is living with his best friend, who he has a crush on, and is sorting out a friends with benefits type deal, slowly. It's rough going, and I've had to play mediator some, but it works. His friend understands the relationship and even really likes me in a semi-romantic way, but is unsure about guys in "that way". It's a work in progress, and C and I are rooting for him!

C is talking with another girl currently, and they really like each other. I'll go into more detail on that in an actual thread I plan on starting, but they're enjoying each others' company online and are seeing where things are going.

I feel like I'm caught in the center of a slow-moving vortex of activity!

Oh yes, summary... that's it I guess then! I'll update as things evolve!
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