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Thank you all for your thoughts and concern.

This has been sad and painful in many ways, but due to things I do know that it is the right path.

I will share something that is at the root of most of this. The other wife doesn't see the dishonesty and such. She creates her own reality of events. It's something she needs therapy for and I recognize this need. But until someone is ready to see things for themselves and do something about it, there comes a point where it can just be toxic for others.

No regrets and our marriage isn't closed again. Though we are both healing, we are also aware that the day will most likely come that we are ready to meet someone else. And that it is unlikely for us to reach that point at the same time. Right now, we are just supporting each other (though I wasn't romantically involved with the wife) and just enjoying the time we have to spend together for a while.
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