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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
What is an art therapist? Sounds fun sorry about the money. Are you having fun and or enjoying your job now?

So PN doesn't believe you will do it "the Harley thing" or thinks is stupid or frivolous or unappealing for him.

Does or has PN treated your time with him as something he should do out of fairness or does he assume with all the other things and partners he will not be missed by you? I can see slighting your son as huge problem....I know in my situation it is.
Art therapy is healing through art and its unconscious symbology through a mixture of art making and psychotherapy. I am an artist and therapist essentially and the two are mixed in order to help people with their problems.

PN is not a man who lives on the edge. The edge for him is reading the local news paper when my dad brings it over. Riding a bike is just not something he gets... he drives 10 kms UNDER the speed limit whenever he can. Drives me crazy. Mono and I are totally opposite. Hurray for poly... I get to do these things with Mono and do other things with PN or can leave him to mull over his books... I come all smiley faced from what I am doing and he is all smiley faced because he got to do what he wanted... it all works

Yes PN has treated our time together as something he should do out of fairness. I do that too sometimes when I am in NRE, I need transition time between one and the other and after that make a decision with myself that I need to shove the NRE feelings aside, and do. They are my personal little piece of heaven to be brought out when I am with the person. PN struggles with that and is resentful and vacant sometimes. It takes practice. I have had LOTS of practice... years in fact. PN hasn't. That is just how it has gone for him. He gets what he is doing, he just needs practice and I am patient when it comes up and talk him through it a lot of the time. I have tried telling him to go do his own thing during family time, but it makes no difference, he just hangs around in lala land. He might as well do that with us around and we just dance around him... heh. It's cute, but annoying, as I said. I didn't think that at the time though!
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