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Okay so what if, hypothetically, Mono decided he was in love with another woman and wanted to share his time with her and me. I would have to adjust the time we spend together I think a bit, he has a lot of his own time, so he might want less time with me in order to accommodate her and her needs as well as his own. That would be hard to do as I love the time we have together, but I would hope I would be able to feel the pain of that and adjust over time.

I would find it hard to think of them together and would make every attempt to get to know her as a metamour in order to have those feelings elevated as much as I can. I'm sure there would be some crying and whining as my primary queen roll is dismantled and I need to make way for another... I would think I would be primary for a time, but in time another person merges and becomes part of a whole and I would hope that I would be willing to welcome her. That can be difficult if its someone I don't get along with... but its not up to me what he would do with his life and if I want a relationship with him and our own time, drama a trouble free, I would work towards that....

And oh ya. I would make damned sure that I would be able to date and have sex with anyone that I feel is a good fit to my life... with discussion from all my loves of course. The compromised boundaries would move and would need adjusting also.

hope I am giving some insight... I'm not sure why you want to know. But as I have one partner that has dated others, I would think it wouldn't be too much different in theory. These things are not the same in reality though most of the time.
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