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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post

I'm not really dating that many on a regular basis yet, but there are more than a few "first dates" in the works, to be planned/scheduled. I said, "maybe next week?" to about six or seven guys. And I'm now going, "what was I thinking?"
Yeah - that's a lot to keep track of. Best of luck though. I wouldn't have the mental capacity in poor brain couldn't keep up regardless of diary/spreadsheet systems. I've recently started thinking about how much I get my brain to do for me - And how much I should really give it a break sometimes !! Some rest time

It sounds like you want mental space for shorty and dreamy even though those relationships aren't time intensive at present.
Sometimes I think it can be more about creating mental space rather that time on a calender..

If you feel's always good to slow down. Take some quiet time for is often said around here !
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