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Default Update

Due to many outside responsibilities, I haven't been on the forums in a long time. It isn't that I haven't been interested, it's that I have some limitations....time and finances at the moment for internet access. However, I got a message asking about our quad and it made me realize that I need to update things here.

After four years, our quad relationship ended about one month ago.

Long story made short is....I have boundaries, not rules, but I need honest, respect and integrity. I feel if those are honored, I really don't need "rules". These were constantly being crossed by the other female in our quad.

I ended things with the BF but that doesn't mean I didn't/don't love him. So, I'm dealing with a breakup and it's been since I was a teenager that I actually had to do that the last time.

The relationship with my husband and the other wife has really been over for a while but for the admitting it.

There is so much I have learned through all of this personally and so far my husband and I have come as a couple. I'm very happy with these things.

I'm not trying to be vague here but I don't believe I feel like going into all the ditty gritty of things at this time. I'm still working things out in my head but I did feel the need to post the latest while I had the chance.
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