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Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
The very first Christ character was actually a Christa, who journeyed to the Underworld to retrieve a lost lover and was nailed into a wall. She was the Ishtar/Astarte/Ashera/Isis Goddess-figure revered in the whole ancient Levant.
Yes, I know that Babylonian Ishtar myth too, and it's similar to the Greek myth of Persephone's descent into Hades, down there for 3 months during winter. Not quite the same thing as the dying and rising grain god. But thanks for mentioning that. I'm not sure that myth is older than the Osiris myth, which goes back to 3500 BCE at the latest determined date. ...I'm sure earlier hunter/gatherer cultures had their own myths based on the wheel of the seasons.

The Egyptian myth shows Osiris and Isis and Set as siblings. Set tricks Osiris into a scheme, eventually cuts him up in several pieces and scatters his body parts in a marsh. With the help of Hathor, the female 4th sibling, Isis reclaims Osiris' body parts, reassembles them. The only missing piece is his penis, which she forms out of clay or gold. Then she takes the form of a bird, hovers over his penis and conceives Horus. Horus becomes the God of the Overworld, battles Set and wins. Osiris becomes the God of the Underworld and judges the dead.

I just love how these older religions frankly incorporated female dieties, and sex, into creation and fertility myths. Christianity tries to take sex out of the equation, fetishizing celibacy based on the writings of St Paul. But then, you get sex perverted, leading to the horrific abuse of children by Catholic priests, in a huge secretly sanctioned ring of child slavery. This has only come to full public knowledge in the last decade, but of course it was an established practice going back for centuries.

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