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Default Long term poly, american, living in Sweden


My name is Chris and I am a fairly "long term" poly person. I am an American but have been living between Sweden and the US for most of the past decade, the last two consecutively here.

I have spent most of my adult life being polyamorous, but did not receive a proper introduction to it until the mid-1990s where I used to attend the poly-munches in NYC. Shortly afterwards following a few bad experiences I disastrously tried my hand at monogamy and have been more or less true to my consensually non-monogamous nature for the past 5 years both here in Sweden and in Seattle.

In my previous polyamorous incarnations I might have considered myself a relationship anarchist, though of late I have been working towards long term and connected consensually non-monogamous relationships.

Currently I find myself in a V between two very lovely women with whom I deeply adore and hope to have a loving and long term relationship with.

I have known about this forum for a few years, and participate in the Swedish site as best I can with my adopted language and I look forward to participating and learning from your experiences here.

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