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So what I'm really looking for? Trying to keep an open mind, sure, but secretly, of course I have an idea of what qualities my one and only couple would ideally have.

1) People who don't play cheap with their heart.

2) I'm primarily looking for a man-woman couple where at least the woman identifies as bi. Not that I would say 'no way' to any nice same-sex couples, either, but I find inside me a longing to have a partner of both genders.

3) Sexually compatible people. I find that compatibility is something you don't believe exists until you experience it. I wonder why sexual orientation is still described in terms of societally assigned gender identifications, instead of how people orient themselves in sexual encounters. I find that a much more apt and possibly fruitful description of my sexual orientation, instead of bisexual or even Kinsey 4, is lazy. Yep, I don't care if you're a girl, a guy or a pie, as long as you do all the work. My favorite position? Prone. Or as the okcupid test so frighteningly accurately put it, I'm a confident dominant who likes to receive.

4) I'm not looking for a primarily sexual connection either. I've nursed my heart after my last break-up a year ago back into a fighting mode again. I have love to give.

5) Jealousy isn't a problem. Unwillingness to deal with jealousy is.

6) The prime attraction dating a couple holds for me is seeing the love the two people I love have for each other. The stronger the primary couple, the stronger the triad?

7) People who like to talk. A LOT. About their feelings, relationships, ideas, hopes, fears, fantasies, themselves. And who enjoy listening to others talk about the same stuff.

Of course, part of the beauty of poly is that you can't alway get what you want, but just sometimes, you get what you really need.
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