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Default Im lost and need some help

Ok long story short, I believe I am poly but haven't had an opportunity or complete understanding of it to fully explore this. Ive had girlfriends but none of them were interested in this idea and quickly left after I brought it up because I don't think I've explained it in a way they could understand.

annnyyyy who Ive now gotten close to a new girl and we've both said I love you and I believe she may be poly as well because she also loves another man but I am unsure how to bring this up or ask her if this would be something she is interested in or even how to explain what it is if she doesn't know, she's young and a little naive so I'm not sure if she even knows about this kind of relationship so I want to be ready for anything since we are both new to this.

please give me anything you think i should take into account before we talk about this
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