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How many people are you dating ?

Do you think it might be useful for you to spend some time working out the likely path of "current, existng interests" before adding potential newbies to the mix ? And I don't mean path as in "happily ever after"....I mean spending time and energy and giving the relationship the investment to see how it may develop...

I'm sure many of us new to poly want to dive in at the deep end, and feel very excited about the prospect of seeing loads of people...but I imagine that can get exhausting at some point.
I for sure don't have too much emotional my life is very full. I'm aware I can't date too many I don't have the capacity to provide myself fully, in a way which would leave the relationship open to development...

I'm not saying I need "development" in every relationship. I'm ok with casual sex, I'm ok with FWB...I can feel comfort and joy with a variety of relationship styles. But I'd like to be in a position where "development" can happen if the circumstances are right. If I spread myself too thin, I know I can't acheive that..

I'd be overwhelmed if there were too many people involved, and don't feel I'd be at my best in anyway..for myself or for others..

That's just me though. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts ?
Note - excessive use of quotation marks in this post is because I'm tired and can't be bothered searching for more appropriate words..
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