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I was thinking of this as a purely mental exercise. How would the dynamics change....I wasn't thinking you would be threaten by any of it. but if it makes you feel better take the lawyer part out.... he's way to smart to fall for a lawyer anyway.

What is an art therapist? Sounds fun sorry about the money. Are you having fun and or enjoying your job now? I was in an industry in which I made a ridiculous amount money very high stress and I would characterize as soulless. I now build things way more rewarding but less money. What I started out to be and where in am today are so wildly apart you wouldn't believe it.

So PN doesn't believe you will do it "the Harley thing" or thinks is stupid or frivolous or unappealing for him.

I wasn't asking what you would think if mono fell in love...I was interested in if you ever plugged in multiple partners from the other prospective....just as mental game. You see I have often asked myself if I was to do this behavior or say that to my wife I wonder what would be the reaction. As you said time, attention, and focus is what you have from mono now and if he took a more secondary roll or even had what you have with leo how would that change your dynamic. What would happen if mono cross similar boundary ....what would be your reaction if any? Again just a mental game.

Does or has PN treated your time with him as something he should do out of fairness or does he assume with all the other things and partners he will not be missed by you? I can see slighting your son as huge problem....I know in my situation it is.

Thanks D
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