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Default Help, how to make him understand :(

Hi folks

I'm female with a male partner, trying to make him understand I'm poly. I've always been, even if I didn't even accept it myself. I kept falling in love with other people while still loving my partner, and now I've decided to be myself and not hide it from myself or from others anymore.

I introduced myself here so you can see my boyfriend is mono, and I'm trying to make him understand that I love him all the same even if we open up to other relationships. I wish he was poly too, but no way. I can respect they way he is, but it can be a lot harder for him to understand the way I am.

I see there are mono people in poly relationships in this board, so maybe some of you can help me. What should/shouldn't I say or do, to make it easier for him? We are having a hard time now. I don't want to pretend I'm something I am not, but I don't want to lose him either. Do you think it's possible?

Thanks a lot!
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