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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
.... Even amongst poly people here, I see relationships based mostly or only on sex all too often as being made out to be dirty and somehow lesser than, a full on, all or nothing totally committed relationship.
mmm. Sore topic for me. You see, for me, sex and feeling/heart are all intertwined. I'm a bi guy who has a lot more experience with men than with women, and who has also sought to bring another man (or woman) into my life -- with abysmal results--largely because so many gay/bi/queer men don't want to or cannot have what I want to share. (Women are another story--to much to say just now. But I'm not closed to the idea!) In my experience, too many men want to have "hot" sex with strangers and then hope never to see them again. That might be "fun" when you're in your teens or twenties, but I'm a grown up little boy now. I want to play lightly and love like it matters. It doesn't have to be setting up housekeeping. It just has to involve heart. Whether with a man or a woman.
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