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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

We once went to Aphrodite's Temple (Sacred Sexuality) introduction...

here is a link
That looks extremely interesting. From their website:

The temple is a sacred space which is about worship. In ancient times, people would come to the temple not only to worship the goddess, but to also be worshiped. I invite you to rekindle this old tradition by worshiping one another as sexual human beings and allowing others to worship you. Recognize the god/goddess aspect within each person. We are not just physical bodies. The body is a sacred temple which houses our spirit...

Sex is a process of raising erotic energy either alone, or with others, bringing about pleasure and ecstasy for all participants. The energy raised is a form of power that can bring balance, transcendence, attunement, and healing. Sex is only partly about genitals and bodies. Much of sex happens in the mind and spirit...

We are constantly receiving stimulation...

We live in a touch deprived society. Yet touch has many benefits. Touch is a sense that is different from our other senses in that it is not localized. Our whole bodies are wired for receiving stimulations of touch. Touch is necessary for life. If infants do not receive human touch, they will die. Something very powerful is transmitted when we touch one another. For adults, it is necessary for physical and emotional health. Erotic touch is even more powerful. Think about how it feels when a lover provides an erotic caress. Our bodies respond and become charged with energy.
While I find that the best energy is raised with a person you care deeply about, energy can also be found in erotic interplay with respectful "strangers" or friends you are not in a deeply committed day-to-day relationship with.

Originally Posted by BlackUnicorn View Post
I think a good literary treatment of what sacred sexuality & temple prostitution might look like in a sex-positive culture is to be found in Jaqueline Carey's Terre D'Ange -books. Her Kushiel series is in parts basically BDSM erotica for the literary-minded...
Sounds intriguing!

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
The Moon Under Her Feet...

"This feminist retelling of the conception, birth, life and death of Christ as narrated by Mary Magdalene may cause some uproar in Christian circles. Yeshua (Christ) is born to Almah Mari (the Virgin Mary) after her union in Sacred Marriage at the Temple in Jerusalem with an unblemished man who kills himself as a sacrifice for his people. Later Mari Anath becomes Magdalene, or High Priestess of the Goddess, and assumes co-rule with Jehovah, succeeding Almah Mari. Mari Anath follows Yeshua in the years of his ministry, despite objections from some adherents who call her harlot because they oppose the double worship of the Goddess and Jehovah and the equality of sexes that relationship implies. But days before the crucifixion, when Yeshua sacrifices himself, he and the Magdalene are united in Sacred Marriage in the Temple before the people. Mari Anath gives birth to Yeshua's daughter Anna after she and Judas (who is The Christos's twin brother and betrays him at his behest in order to fulfill the prophesy) flee to Gaul to make a new life. First novelist Kinstler, a professor of philosophy, mines the literature of myth to make this lyrically written interpretation plausible. She provides notes and a bibliography to buttress much of her tale. "
Some early Christian writings did not make the final cut and become part of the official canon of the Bible as we know it today. There are gnostic gospels, acts and revelations from the 4th century to be found which uphold the interpretation apparently expanded upon in this book.

There are women in the Biblical canon variously called Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany, or who go unnamed, who anoint Jesus' feet, head or his whole body. One woman even wipes the anointing oil in with her hair, an obviously erotic act. The fact that a lowly woman in Judaean culture anointed a leader is obviously pagan and entirely heretical to the patriarchal "Jewish" thoughts of that era and culture.

The heiros gamos (sacred marriage) themes in gnostic Greek culture included the female Lover anointing the sexual organ of her male Lover in preparation for intercourse. In the Bible we see Mary anointing Jesus" "feet." In the Old Testament, the word "feet" was sometimes employed as a euphemism for the penis (while "thigh" was used to mean testicles).

Since the Jesus character was a typical dying and rising god (similar to many others going back in recorded history to at least 3500 BCE and Osiris), his "sacrifice" was one of the crops, cut down in their prime to be food (actual or spiritual) for the community. In the sacred marriage tradition, the King was married to the Queen (who survives, Mother Nature being constant), the marriage consummated, followed by the King's death.
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