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I'm sorry that you're struggling with this, Jen. *hugs* Wolf came out to me as poly a few years before I ever fell for someone. I had people I loved and was poly at heart, but didn't have that head over heals feeling for any of them. When Wendigo came along I never believed that it'd ever be anything more than me helping out a friend. Sometimes Wolf goes through a rough patch where he thinks it isn't fair, where he feels like I "stole" his best friend out from under him, and it hurts. I cry inside and wonder if I should break things off, but he assures me that would hurt him more. We're 20 months into this and I can tell you that things do get better, but no matter how much you love them, some of the work is theirs to do. You can't own it or you'll be constantly doubting yourself. *hugs*
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