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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I think it would make me batshit crazy... I'm NOT good enough at masturbation to want to give up having any sex partners for a significant period of time.
For me, I just don't really enjoy masturbation, so it happens quite rarely to begin with. I don't think I would be missing much by cutting out sex; it's quite hilarious, actually, because last time I was on here, I was bitching about how sex was so important to me.
Have you ever read up on what happens on a chemistry basis in the body/brain leading up to/during/after sex?
I was just doing that a few weeks ago and think that it would be an interesting addition to the conversation.
Have I "read up on it?" Not really, I don't think...but I am at least somewhat aware of that, and also of the supposed differences between men and women, how women expect a bond and how men don't and all that bullshit. (generalizing when it comes to sex...just shouldn't be done. I know too many people with too many very different views on sex and very different sex drives and preferences). If women are the only ones who use sex to feel connected and close, then what the hell am I doing with a penis? And why doesn't my wife have one?

For example: to me, sex is rarely just sex. It's almost always got to be deeply involved; lots of touching, lots of foreplay lots of spending time together being close, laughing, playing, teasing, cuddling -- because it's not about the sex, it's about the emotional attachment, and the gratification of pleasing my partner. I'm the type to give a surprise sexual favour and not expect anything in return until later, whenever that later happens to be. And I enjoy the same in return, because it's fun sometimes.

Then when it comes to my wife, she's much less into long sessions, too much closeness, doesn't really like foreplay, doesn't like to give or receive sexual favours just in and of themselves (it needs to be part of or leading up to a full-on sexual act), and she likes to get to the point quickly; not that she doesn't enjoy it, but she enjoys it differently. Quite contrary to what all the "sex scientists" say about how women are supposed to be.

Man, I could go on about this...I'm stopping while I'm ahead. :P
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